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NHL 2K6 Launch Party

Last night brought the culmination of all of my years of intense training in the NHL 2K6 video game. What does this have to do with Nina and Sonja? They have been present at each training session. Sonja cheers me on and Nina just tells me to get in more fights.

Last night I met and played Xbox with Marty Turco, the goalie for the Dallas Stars. He told me that he was going to kick my ass because he's really good at the game, and I said, "I can guarantee you that every minute you spend training for real hockey is matched by the number of minutes I spend training for video hockey," and he restated that he would kick my ass.


So we walked over to the Xboxes and started playing. I chose the Devils and he chose the Stars. During the load process the team stats flash up on the screen and Dallas has a goalie rating of 89 and NJ has a goalie rating of 92. Marty says to me, "Looks like they got that wrong. Everyone in the league knows I'm a better goalie," and I say to him in a totally dead pan voice, "How many Stanley Cups do you have?". I don't think he cared for that.

And then we started to play. He was very good. I was scrambling to keep up with him. And his work in goal was unbelievable. I usually don't control the goalie because I screw it up, but he was like a wall out there. It was 2-2 at the end of regulation. We went to the penalty shots. 9 shots and still no score, and then, on his last chance, he got me moving in the wrong direction and made me look like a fool. I still felt that I had accomplished something because it is very had to play hockey against someone who understands every angle and nuance of the game.


In the end, we were all friends. He's a great guy, a regular guy that seemed to have fun drinking beer and playing Xbox with me. Tina had a great time talking to his wife, too.


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