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Capcom Releases Resident Evil 4 for PS2

SUNNYVALE, Calif. ¾ October 25, 2005 — Capcomâ today announced the release of Resident Evil® 4 for the PlayStationâ2 computer entertainment system. The critically acclaimed survival horror masterpiece arrives on the PlayStation 2 with brand new features, enhancements and exciting surprises. Based on the popular Resident Evil series which has sold more than 26 million units worldwide and is Capcom’s highest selling series, Resident Evil 4 sees the return of a familiar hero on a mission of the highest level. Resident Evil 4 is now available at retailers across North America and carries an “M” rating for mature audiences by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

In Resident Evil 4 players are reacquainted with Leon S. Kennedy, Raccoon City Police Department’s idealistic rookie cop from Resident Evil 2. It has been six years since the destruction of Raccoon City and in that time, the U.S. government has been able to destroy the nefarious Umbrella Corporation. Fast forward to 2004 and players rejoin Leon, who is now a U.S. agent with a top-secret mission. He has been tasked to look into the abduction of the President’s daughter and his investigation has led him to a mysterious location in Europe. As Leon encounters unimaginable horrors, he must find out who or what is behind everything.

“Capcom’s Resident Evil series is synonymous with survival horror. The games have a long standing reputation for introducing innovation and raising the bar to create intensely terrifying experiences for players,” said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment, Inc. “With a slew of new and redesigned concepts, Resident Evil 4 presents a fear more real than ever before. The game is set to revolutionize both the world of Resident Evil and survival horror.”

Resident Evil 4 includes the following features:

· Unsurpassed visuals – Resident Evil 4 features breathtaking 3D graphics and effects

· Behind the camera view – Camera follows the player from behind and allows for intuitive movement

· New never before seen enemies – Creatures that defy the laws of nature!

· Advanced AI – Enemies are now smarter than ever and use their cunning abilities to team up and attack the player en mass

· Enhanced, deeper story elements – Conversations and monologues can be heard in real time

· Action button – Pressing the context sensitive button allows players to perform various actions

· Aim and shoot – Ability to zero in on enemies with weapons

· Exclusive new features for PlayStation 2

o “Separate Ways” – play as Ada Wong in five new chapters that reveal startling insight into the original storyline

o New weapons – Leon’s P.R.L.412 laser cannon and Ada’s gunpowder bow gun unleash explosive power

o New costumes for Leon and Ashley

o Supports true 16:9 widescreen, progressive scan and Dolby Pro Logic II

o $39.99 retail price point

Capcom is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment. Founded in 1983, the company has created world renowned franchises including Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Breath of Fire, Devil May Cry and the Onimusha series. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the company maintains operations in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, Tokyo and Hong Kong. More information about Capcom and its products can be found on the company’s web site at http://www.capcom.com.

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