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Activision Demos

This morning I met with Activision and saw three games: Gun, Call of Duty: Big Red On, and True Crime 2: New York City. I'm not allowed to write anything about Call of Duty. I'm sorry. I will say that I enjoyed playing it, but that's to be expected.

Gun is simply breathtaking; it is the first game for Xbox 360 that I've seen that is really stunning. There are parts where the sun is setting over the mountains or on another side of a valley and you have to just stop and look at it. The storyline is just like a western movie. It's 1881 and you and your pappy, Kris Kristofferson, are out hunting. This gives you a chance to learn to shoot. Then all hell pretty much breaks loose. So now you're on your own and you can ride around the West taking missions and/or following the main storyline. You can go to Dodge City or Empire City where you'll meet people who will give you quests. You can be a bounty hunter, a miner, ride for the pony express, just about any profession that belongs. There's even a Texas Hold 'Em mini game where you can win money.

It's all about the gun. Quick draw slows down everyone else for a limited amount of time and lets you mow down enemies. The shutgun is just a fun weapon. Enemies take damage in one of 12 body areas and react accordingly. You can blow someone's foot off and watch them hobble around. You can even shoot someone's hat off and juggle it with additional shots while it is still in the air. Mounted combat is also pretty cool. That's riding a horse and shooting, or using the horse to trample people.

Activision estimates that it'll take about 20 hours to play straight through the storyline. They think if you try all the side missions there's at least 40 hours there. And it looked like a lot of fun to me. Gun for Xbox 360 will be available November 22, 2005.

True Crime 2: New York City will be available for Xbox, GameCube, and PS2 on November 15, 2005. It's much more story heavy than the previous game. In True Crime: Streets of LA I eventually stopped following the story and just drove around and attacked people and then arrested people to keep the law off my back. Any, this is a GPS accurate world of Manhattan. We drove to my corner but the buildings looked different which I guess is ok as long as they're in the same spirit. You can walk into just about every building. You can take the subway (not the same lines and stations) or a taxi. Then there's the incessant carjacking. Or you can requisition one from the NYPD motor pool.

There are a lot of well-know voice actors in the game: Lawrence Fishbourne, Christoper Walken just to name a few. There are 80 music tracks split into channels. You can then rank the tracks as to what you'll hear more often. There's a big thing about Puma shoes, finding new pairs, selling them. There's shooting, puzzle solving, stealth missions, and driving missions so game play is varied.

TC2 will be fun, and Gun will be a blast. I can't wait to get Gun.

For more information please visit www.activision.com

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