Majesco's Winter Wonderland

I met with Majesco last week and we went over their holiday and spring lineup. Most of it looks pretty good. I'm really excited about Infected.

Teen Titans is due to ship in February 2006 for gamecube, ps2, and xbox. It is up to 4 player story mode coop or arena. In coop mode you can switch between titans at any time to make use of their special attacks. The game has the look and feel of the cartoon with locations from the shows and more than 12 voice actors involved. Each character gets upgrades to his/her special attacks and can pull off combo moves. There are 24 characters to choose from in arena mode, which is an up to 4 player free for all. There are also some puzzle levels that are like retro games, ie pong and invaders.

Jaws Unleashed is due to ship in February 2006 for PC, ps2, and xbox. Built on the Echo the Dolphin engine, this is a story where you play as Jaws and attack and destroy everything. If you're really careful you can disembody your prey before consuming it. They are adding cinematic fatalities to the game. There are more than 12 kinds of boats and different ocean and land areas (mainly harbors and docks) to be explored. The night levels were pretty cool - the moon reflects off the ocean's surface and down below it is murkier than during daylight.

Age of Empires is due to ship for Nintendo DS in January 2006. Built on the success of earlier Age of Empires games this brings a solid foundation to wifi enabled 4 player battles. User profiles track scoring and bonuses so you can compare yourself to friends and enemies. They're currently working on adding more artwork, streamlining game play, and tweaking the battle system to show more graphics in the results. You can use the stylus or the d-pad to control troops. There are 28 missions total, 5-6 per campaign.

If you'd like to view the slideshow click here.

Bust A Move is for Nintendo DS and for some reason I didn't write down when it ships. There's a 5 player mode. Essentially, you use the stylus to pull back and aim a slingshot and then link balls together that fall down. You can send garbage to your opponent to make it harder for him to compete. There's also classic puzzle mode which includes over 200 puzzles for you to solve, and endless mode where a random set of bubbles keep falling sort of like Tetris.

Infected is due to ship in November for PSP. I'm very excited about this first person shooter set in an NYC filled with zombies. In this build they've added a lot of cut scenes that have a wacky, morbid sense of humor. You can create your own custom avatar. Then when you play other people over wifi and beat them your avatar infects their PSP. Majesco says that there will be a web site where you can track different avatars as they spread across the world. There's the standard map and radar which are useful in the killing process. You can play 4 player in infectious mode (where your avatar infects your opponents' PSP) or 8 player in non-infectious mode. The game also ships with 3 music videos, including one by Slipknot.

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