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Namco Wireless

I met with Namco Wireless a few days ago to talk about their games for cell phones and ringtones. Overall, the games look pretty good. The last time I saw a mobile game it looked pretty crappy, but on today's phones these games can look good.

Namco's big hits are their arcade classics like Pac Man, Dig Dug, and Galaxian. All three of these are quite playable.

They also have original content like Pac Man Bowling, PC Man Pin Ball, and PacMania 3D. The 3D games is cool because you can jump over the ghosts if you time it right.



Pool Pro was cool. You sign in and immediately someone challenges you. Then there is almost no delay between turns so the games are fast.

Particularly innovative is Time Crisis. If you recall, Time Crisis is a first person shooter. How do you create an FPS for a cell phone. Divide the screen into quadrants like the keypad, then push the number that corresponds to the quadrant to fire at it. I could see spending a lot of time if I had this one.


Ridge Racer is coming out soon. It looked to be about PS One quality. Pretty good for a phone screen.


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