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Nintendo's Q1 Software Lineup

Even after the holidays are over, Nintendo will give you something to celebrate. The first quarter of 2006 will see the arrival of much-anticipated games like Metroid(R) Prime Hunters, as well as only-from-Nintendo experiences
like Electroplankton(TM) and Odama(TM). Everyone should find something on the list below to help them chase away the winter blues.

Nintendo DS(TM)
Jan. 9: Electroplankton -- I've heard very good things about this. It sounds very creative. Make beautiful music with this artistic tune generator. Ten different modes keep the music humming in endless combinations.
Jan. 23: True Swing Golf -- Players swipe the touch screen to stroke the most realistic golf swings ever possible. Just like out on the links, if their swing is off, they're in the rough.
Feb. 27: Super Princess Peach(TM) -- After kidnapping Peach for years and years, Bowser finally wised up and kidnapped Mario instead. Now it's Peach to the rescue, pink parasol and all.
March 20: Metroid Prime Hunters(R) -- This Wi-Fi-enabled adventure will have friends near and far blasting away for hours on end.

Nintendo GameCube(TM)
Feb. 6: Chibi-Robo(TM) -- The hero is a 3-inch-tall robot who desires only to bring happiness to his human family. Players explore a huge house and help Chibi-Robo complete chores and fend off enemies while maintaining his energy level.
March 6: Odama(TM) -- This wild game wowed crowds at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It's the best microphone-controlled Japanese feudal warrior pinball game you'll ever play.

Game Boy(R) Advance SP/Game Boy(R) Micro
Feb. 6: Drill Dozer(TM) -- Pilot a destructive Drill Dozer robot to recover a stolen red diamond. Players demolish everything in their path. What could be more fun?
March 6: Tales of Phantasia(R) -- In this classic RPG with a real-time battle system, players take on the role of Cress, a young swordsman who must set out on a fantastic quest when his village is destroyed in mysterious circumstances.

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