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Kameo: Elements of Power

Rating 5 out of 5
Firstly, this review has to start with a disclaimer. I have played Kameo for at least 5 hours a day for the past three days. I love it. It's beautiful. The animations are so fluid. Every surface has a reflection. When you talk to other characters you can see your reflection in their eyes. And who could object to the content? Giant weeds that beat up Trolls are awesome.

Kameo's parents ruled the elves and there was peace between the elves and the trolls. Then Kameo's evil sister kidnapped their parents and made a deal with the trolls. Now the trolls are trying to catch all of the elemental spirits that are worshipped by the Elves. Kameo must free the elemental spirits and use them to free her parents and her people.
Kameo morphs into 10 different elemental warriors on the fly. This makes the combinations of ways to fight a battle limitless. You can use Pummel Weed (my favorite) to box with the trolls. Or Major Ruin can run them over and impale them on spikes. Ash the dragon can blast them with flames. It's so much fun. You can morph in the middle of a battle, like use Rubble to shoot rocks at the distant enemy then morph into Pummel Weed to kick their asses when they get closer. Learning the combination of warriors it will take to fight bosses or maneuver through the land. Each elemental warrior brings something different to the action and throughout the journey, upgrades can be made on each character's attacks.

The thing is, Kameo just looks so good. Kameo represents the cutting edge graphics and gameplay that we should expect on 360. The vibrant graphics immerse you in Kameo's world. Rare battle scenes have you wading through thousands of enemy trolls. The backdrop are jaw dropping. Stopping while walking on a mountain road I gazed out upon the valley and saw the mountains on the other side, a river in the valley. And I could zoom in and see more detail or zoom out and appreciate the whole scene. In the garden, I could zoom in on a butterflies wings and see them fluttering in detail.
The game isn't all fighting. It's also heavy on the puzzle solving elements. You really have to figure out which warrior to use when. There are also levels where you morph into a ball (just like Metroid Prime) and you have to figure out where to go next sort of like a platformer.

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