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Xbox 360 Arrives!

I'm so excited. It arrived on Thursday night and I've been playing PGR3 and Kameo almost non stop. The scenery in PGR3 is simply amazing. I love racing across the Brooklyn Bridge and looking out over the East River. And Kameo, I can't put it down. The worlds are unique and involved, the graphics are beautiful, and the concept is great. You play as Kameo who needs to free elemental spirits and then use their forms to free her family being held captive by her evil sister. The evil sister has made a pact with the Trolls and they're out to get you. As you take on these elemental spirites you get different attacks. So far the best is being able to play as a giant weed and beating up trolls to set other weeds free. You can also be a pile of rocks that shoots the rocks at enemies and then they roll back and become part of you again.

On the negative side, the damn thing has a power transformer that is bigger than a Yorkshire terrier. It's pretty close to the size of a can of tennis balls. Who wants that in their living room? Oh well, enough bitching.

Nina loves the 360.


it's so warm and makes a reassuring humming noise.

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