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25 To Life Preparing You For The Upcoming Online Battles!

25 to Life is going to unleash on the world next month and we've got some updates for you! Prepare for your grand entrance into the online current-day cops and robbers battlefield! The official 25 to Life website has updated game information, the first online features for PS2, Xbox, and PC users, and a new Fansite Kit for the overwhelming numbers who have requested it! Check out the 25 to Life official website and roll on over to the latest locations in 25 to Life from the lavish homes of the city's biggest crime lords to the shadowy, downtrodden streets of Tijuana. Be on the look out for two new characters. You just may happen upon Riggs, a jack of many trades, and none of which are legal or fare. Or you might run into Sergeant Riley, if you can spot this sly police officer quicker than he can spot you. Both Law Enforcement and the Criminal side have new tricks up their sleeves. Check out the new weapons on each side of the law.

When it turns ugly, you'll need to be ready! 25 to Life is shipping in North America in January of 2006 for the PS2, XBox, and PC.

For your viewing pleasure, here's the trailer.

If you'd like to view the slideshow click here.

Here is the official set of updates for the 25 to Life website located at http://www.25ToLife.com

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