Ace Combat Zero

This is a prequel to the successful Ace Combat 5 flight and combat simulator. The Ace Combat style gauge is new. When you go into a mission you can strictly follow your mission or fight against the intercepting plans. How well you do it and what you do will earn you style points. If you just go after money you'll be a mercenary, soldier, etc. The stages change depending on how you play them and what type of style you have.

Enemies fly a lot smarter than previous versions. They'll try to lure you into their wingman's sites, and when you're chasing them . You can give your wingman commands against air or ground targets. Icons show you where targets are. The backgrounds, mountains, the ocean, and the horizon look very good. At the end of every mission you can see your replay. There's also a replay on a grid that shows how you flew the whole mission. There are over 100 rival aces, and downing them brings a cut scene, so you'll want to replay battles in order to beat them all.

If you'd like to view the slideshow click here.

Ace Combat Zero is from Namco and will be available for PS2 in spring 2006.

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