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Me And My Katamari

This is an all new installment with all new magic and quirkiness, and it shows right from the opening movie. The king, queen and the prince took a vacation and went swimming. They found flooded islands and now they need to roll up Katamari to recreate those islands. The interface is all new and the menus are part of the game. You can customize your character more. All the cousins are back and there are some new ones. Animals come onto your island and ask for help. The game uses the d-pad and the face button (triangle to go forward, etc). Can still do dashing and quick turns. The simple and fun graphics translate well onto the PSP. The songs are a mix of the last two versions and also some new ones.

There's wireless ad-hoc (2-4 players) where you'll compete to pick up specific items like rings, treasure chests, and crowns. You can bash into your opponent and try to steal their stuff.

Environmental effects (like ice) are new. You can roll into and out of rooms and buildings. There are approximately 20 different levels.

If you'd like to view the slideshow click here.

The game looks good and is easy to control once you get the hang of it. It's very cute but also has enough quirkiness that adults will find it fun. It's got a music mode so you can just listen to the music, which is a plus because the music tends to be rather pleasant.

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