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Ape Escape 3

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment America

Score 3 out of 5

Specter and the monkeys are back and determined to rule the world. Under Specter's command, the mischievous monkeys are taking control of your television and airing programming that will cloud the mind of anyone who watches. Heroes Kei and Yum dash through the TV studios capturing monkeys just as their outrageous shows hit the airwaves.


This game is fun and simple. Chase all the monkeys and capture them in order to save your town. The right thumbstick controls how you swing whatever is in your hand. The monkeys will actually run away from you and dodge. Monkeys will become enraged and knock gadgets or the Monkey Net out of your hands. If you lose the monkey net and it's used against you your play on that level is terminated. The third person camera angle works pretty well for the most part, but there are times when I couldn't see what I was doing.

I think this would be a cute game for kids and for parents to play with their kids.


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