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PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient

Score: 3 out of 5


Addictive puzzle games are beloved members of the portable games market. I've got a friend who still carries around a mini-Tetris keychain and uses every spare second to play. PQ is a series of much deeper puzzles that require some forethought in order to win. To clear each puzzle, you need to move your character (a man who appears as a white silhouette) through a 3D world to a radiating exit.

The obstacles that are placed in your path is what will test your intelligence. You can't jump, look at that a white man who can't jump, but you can push, grab, and climb. Blocks are placed in your way and you'll have to push, drag, and rearrange them to help you reach the exit. And then it gets more complicated as escalators, switches, conveyor belts, revolving doors and lasers are added to the mix. Now you have to rethink the strategies that worked on the easier puzzles.

And so you advance through PQ as the game calculates your PQ score. This takes into account how quickly you were able to get through the puzzle in how many steps. The countdown timer puts a lot of pressure on you, but if you get stuck you can fail a level and take your time to figure it out.


There are 10 levels of 10 puzzles each for a total of 100 puzzles. You can (and should) replay levels to get a better score and a higher PQ. Then you can upload your score to a worldwide ranking board where you can compare your score with other players.


Overall, I liked PQ but can see where it might get frustrating at times. It's also very disruptive to be in the middle of a puzzle and have the subway arrive. It's like I didn't want to get pulled away from the puzzle. It's amazing how basic elements can be combined to make complex 3D puzzles. The only improvement I would suggest is to make it easier to adjust the camer angles. At times it is tough to see the relevant parts of the puzzle.

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