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2K Sports' Final Four Predictions

This year’s NCAA tournament contained more surprises and upsets than a full day of day-time soap operas, with favorites Duke and Connecticut knocked out of the Final Four. At cbs.sportsline.com, none of the two million brackets submitted this year had all four teams. In the Yahoo Sports pool, just one of more than a million entered had all four.

The folks at 2K Sports have run a series of simulations on our NCAA Basketball Game, College Hoops 2K6 to determine the winner of this year’s tournament based on the four remaining teams: Florida, LSU, George Mason and UCLA. Based on the simulations in our game, UCLA is like likely winner with a 48 per cent chance of winning this year’s title. Hopefully this will bring you and your readers some good old fashioned science and statistics to the last leg of this unpredictable tournament.


UCLA 48%
LSU 28%
FLA 18%
GMU 6%

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