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A Frustrating Lack of Save Points

Today I am the Gaming Curmudgeon. I have a major gripe against the console gaming community. There simply aren't enough save points or checkpoints in games. This means that every time I make a mistake I have to start the level over again. After a while this isn't fun anymore. It just becomes memorizing a series of steps that work and trying to figure out the end. It is a puzzle, but not a good one. It sucks the enthusiasm right out of me.

PC game designers understand this and they usually have a ton of save points or checkpoints. This allows you to play freely and save regularly so that when you die you don't lose too much of your game. This is the way it should be done.

Maybe this bothers me so much because I play so many games every year. I don't have the time to repeat levels over and over again. This lack of save points can really ruin some games. I'm on the verge of giving up on Black, which is sad because I love the game. But if it takes an hour to get through a level because I have to keep repeating it, then my frustration builds and before I know it I just don't want to play the game anymore. It's also a convenience issue. If a friend calls and I have to go running out, then I can't even save. So I leave my PS2 on to save my place in the game. Sometimes it is on for days.

If any game designers read this, then please at least think about adding more save points and checkpoints to your next game. This is a change that the gaming world needs.

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