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Brand New Website Redesign for Hitman: Blood Money Along With a New Trailer

The time is coming near for some serious activity with our friend Agent 47. What better way then to start it off with a brand new redesign for the official Hitman: Blood Money website! Not only does it come equipped with more content such as 20 new screenshots and a new Guide to Being a Hitman video, to up the excitement even more we have included a brand new trailer as well!

Hitman: Blood Money is the latest installment of the popular Hitman franchise, putting you in the shoes of the world’s most deadly assassin, Agent 47. Equipped with some new kill moves and a weapon upgrade system, Agent 47 travels to locations in the United States for the first time to work on earning “blood” money by doing what he does best. New to the franchise, the Blood Money system allows players to adjust Agent 47’s notoriety level, which represents his visibility status based on his past methods of achieving his hits. In other words, if you accomplished your last mission by shooting everything in sight, other characters will start to react accordingly by recognizing you as a wanted man. Check out the latest trailer now to see the most recent sneak peak at the game. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Prepare to make a killing as Hitman: Blood Money is set to ship this Spring, 2006 in North America!

To take a look at the newly redesigned website, check out www.hitmanbloodmoney.com.

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