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Daxter Moves Up His Game's Launch Date for the PSP System to March 14, 2006

In a move to steal the spotlight once again, Daxter, the wily ottsel from Naughty Dog's best-selling Jak and Daxter franchise, has convinced Sony Computer Entertainment America to ship his first solo project, Daxter for the PSP (PlayStation®Portable) system a week early, moving the release date to March 14, 2006. Excited to show fans his heroic side, Daxter is eager to prove he is no longer just a sidekick.

The first title developed by Ready At Dawn studios, Daxter sets the standard for character action games on the PSP system and follows the ottsel's solo adventures between the end of Jak and Daxter and the beginning of Jak II. Created specially for the PSP as a modern 3D platformer, Daxter sports a full-featured move set, highly detailed graphics and incredible animation detail. From the start of the game when Daxter finds himself in an unfamiliar place and tackles his fear of bugs by taking a job as an exterminator, to the wild adventures and challenges en route to rescue Jak, Daxter takes players on a platform game thrill ride.

In addition to numerous hours of single-player fun, Daxter also supports Ad Hoc gameplay through a unique multiplayer mini-game called "Combat Bugs." During these mini-games, players can customize bugs they've collected throughout the game and battle them against other players' bugs in "Rock Paper Scissors" inspired combat.

Daxter also features interoperability between the PSP and PlayStation 2 with Jak X: Combat Racing. Players who connect Daxter for PSP and Jak X: Combat Racing for PS2 via USB cable between the two systems can unlock new characters and vehicles for Jak X: Combat Racing and special costumes and a vehicle in Daxter.

Developed exclusively for the PSP system by Ready At Dawn, Daxter is published by Sony Computer Entertainment America and rated "E-10+"

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