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Majesco Portable Demos

Guilty Gear Judgment and Guilty Gear Reload - a straight port of Reload from the consoles and an all new game, Reload. Reload is a side-scroller heavy on the fighting. There are lots of special effects like fire and plenty of screaming. There are 20 levels, 6 bosses and 21 characters, where you start with 2 characters and have to unlock the rest. Guilty Gear Reload has 23 characters all unlocked from the begining. There's traditional arcade mode, mission mode, wireless vs. mode. Heavy metal anime worlds. Total pandemonium. Looks like a fun fighter.

$39.99 release in early May 2006


Guilty Gear Dust Strikers for DS - uses both screens on a multi-tiered fighting level. Fight 4 other players at one time. There are power ups that you can pick up and throw at opponents or use the touch screen to store them and use them later. Typical Guilty Gear graphics and audio. With 4 fighters it's almost like a party game. Mini-games uses the touch screen where you unlock moves for robo-ky as he takes other players' moves and assimilates them.

$29.99 release in mid to late April

Bust-A-Move PSP
More puzzles than any other Bust A Move before, with over 500 puzzles. Classic puzzle mode. There are 12 characters, many of which are unlockable. Same game - make a 3 bubble combination and it falls. Multi-player in ad-hoc mode. There are some puzzles in multi-player that aren't in single player. They still use the screen in landscape although the puzzle only occupies 1/3 of the screen. Russ the producer says that they tried to have the screen portrait but the buttons on the PSP aren't lined up intuitively then.

$29.99 release in late April or early May.

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