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New Commandos Strike Force Team Tactics Video Released by Eidos!

Download Now at:

Commandos Strike Force, the intense stealth combat game, not only fuses first-person shooting style gameplay with strategic stealth combat, but also allows for on-the-fly switching between different members of the elite Commandos Strike Force team. This new feature provides you with more options to fit your play style while allowing a completely new element of strategy that puts you in control of the action. To showcase some of the new strategy possibilities by utilizing the different strengths of your commandos, we are bringing you a brand new gameplay video focusing solely on team tactics. Lead a frontal assault with your Green Beret, and take out problematic enemies from a distance with your Sniper; or pick off enemies one by one with your Sniper, and use your Green Beret for protection before they get too close... the choice is yours to decide and the possibilities are endless.

Go download the video now and see some examples for yourself! Commandos can do what armies cannot as Commandos Strike Force is set to ship April 4th, 2006 in North America!

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