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State of Emergency 2

Published by SouthPeak Interactive
Rated "M" for mature
Score 3 out of 5

The follow-up to State of Emergency, which sold more than 1.5 million units worldwide, SOE2 continues the series and the Freedom movement to rid the world of the oppressive Corporation, an evil corporate dictatorship that is intent on the global enslavement of the masses. The game opens like a movie, which sets a very cool tone and the the story unravels around the Justice Corporation's execution of a riot instigator who has been in prison for four years. Spanky sets up the show so the escape can go down during a live television execution and from there is just gets wild.

The third person camera angles are generally pretty good but sometimes leave you fighting enemies that you can't see. This is a challenging game that rapidly goes far beyond easy. At times I felt that it was tedious and repetitive, but all games are sort of like that to a certain degree and SOE2 does keep you hooked through the story. There is a frustrating lack of save points which means that you will have to replay levels over and over again until you reach a save point. And while I'm talking about the bad aspects of the game I'll throw in that SOE2 must have THE weakest sniper rifle of any game I've ever played. It doesn't zoom. What kind of a sniper rifle doesn't zoom? That's, as the great gamer Slim Daddy would say, "unacceptable".

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There are 12 single player missions that get progressively more difficult and combine to unveil a cinematic story experience. Another cool aspect of game play is that there are a lot of characters on the screen at once. The crowd becomes alive and it is possible to influence the crowd so they make your mission easier. And to meet those crowds are swarms of enemies, all ripe for being gunned down.

There are a whole lot of vehicles that can be controlled during game play: helicopters, tanks, amored personnel carriers and speedboats. They all weild massive destructive power and are fun to drive.

An unsettlingly fun mini-game exists in the form of torture. Yes, folks, a torture mini-game. Smack your victim weakly and he won't tell you a thing, but get frustrated and smack him too hard and you'll kill him. I said it in YRB and I'll say it again, "who knew torture could be so much fun?"

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