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The Adventure Company Announces Game Enhancements for KEEPSAKE

Toronto, March 1, 2006 - The Adventure Company, a leading publisher of PC adventure games, today announced the specific enhancements that will be added to the North American version of KEEPSAKE.

Enhancements will include the following as well as many others to enrich the gameplay experience:

* New voiceovers for various characters including: Mustavio, Celeste, young Celeste, Elvander, and Zak
* The addition of an in-game map
* Fine-tuned dialogue to minimize repetitive scripts
* Enlarged ‘hotspots’ making navigation more fluid and intuitive
* Improved pathfinding with Zak and Lydia

Developed by Wicked Studios, KEEPSAKE is an epic tale of mystery, magic, and fantasy. The compelling and involving storyline is revealed as players take on the role of Lydia, a young girl who embarks on a quest that unfolds across the enchanted campus of Dragonvale Academy. Upon her arrival, she discovers something is terribly amiss... She finds the keepsake she gave her best friend Celeste, but Celeste and the other scholars are nowhere to be found. Players will be fascinated by this world of beauty and boundless imagination on their journey to uncover the mystery behind the disappearances, the treachery that lurks in the halls of Dragonvale Academy, and the beloved Keepsake...


* Deep and involving storyline where suspense and mystery await at every turn
* Explore stunning environments designed in intricate detail using dynamic lighting and shading
* Unique in-game ‘Active Hint System’ helps players progress further into the game without being stumped by difficult puzzles
* Easy to use interface that evolves as new feature becomes available
* Compelling 3rd person gameplay powered by a state-of-the-art graphic engine
* Learn to cast spells, understand the secrets of the runes and glyphs, and overcome daring trials designed to test your wits rather than your dexterity

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