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Baseball Mogul 2007 Hits A Grand Slam For Charity

Thursday 27th April 2006 - Sports Mogul, the sports management specialists, are proud to announce that Baseball Mogul 2007 sold its 1,000th copy on 27 April 2006 -- less than one month after the initial release. . The Chicago-based studio, famed for its work on Baseball Mogul and Football Mogul announced that this was their best sales year to date thanks to the effort they put into making this the best Baseball Mogul yet.

In celebration of this milestone Sports Mogul has pledged to give one thousand dollars to fight hunger worldwide. "One thousand units is a big milestone for a company like us. Its only right that we give some of it back because of how lucky we are," said Clay Dreslough, CEO of Sports Mogul."Baseball Mogul has always been the best baseball simulation you could buy. This year’sversion is the best version ever and our sales reflect that fact,” commented Dreslough, Lead Developer of Baseball Mogul. “Being able to re-write huge sections of the game this year has allowed us to leapfrog past previous versions. The game engine now calculates the result of every pitch but does it even faster than our previous version. When you add in the new Live Play-By-Play mode, its the best baseball game you can buy for $19.99. Even I am blown away by the results. Baseball Mogul 2007 is by far the best version of the game we have ever developed."

Core game features

Manage your own baseball franchise

Set up the line-ups, your pitching staff and depth charts. Demote the struggling rookie, put the injured starter on the DL and trade for a backup catcher. Manage the 40-man roster and scout the upcoming rookie draft pool. In Baseball Mogul you can do almost anything a real life GM can do to guide your team to glory.

A realistic and accurate simulation engine

No baseball game is complete without stats and Baseball Mogul 2007 is king. In addition to the multitude of statistics, a fully flexible engine allows you to make all the calls pitch-by-pitch. The game is truly as real as it gets.

Customizable financial system

Featuring the most flexible financial system in any baseball simulation ever made, Basbeall Mogul 2007 lets you mirror existing intricacies or allows you to invent your own. The only restriction is your imagination.

Scouting and coaching staff at your disposal

All of the staff in your franchise have varying strengths, weaknesses, personalities and of course contract demands. Basbeall Mogul 2007 puts all of your management skills to the test; it’s in your hands!

Endless possibilities with historical and fictional leagues

Play the game with the real life setup of every major baseball league in the world and in addition, you can import every historical baseball season from 1900 to the present day. If that’s not enough simply create your own fictional baseball league.

Create or join an online league

Featuring a full online league mode, commissioners and multiple owners can battle it out against each other over the internet. Integrating seamlessly with FTP and HTML you can upload and download files and share them with friends.

Slick intuitive interface

Utilizing the technology and expertise of Sports Mogul, the game has a faster, smarter and slicker interface than ever before. What’s more, it’s fully skinable allowing you to change the game to suit your own personal tastes.

Sports Mogul Inc. is an electronic entertainment company that designs and develops computer-based General Manager sports simulations. The company's product line includes Baseball Mogul, Baseball Mogul Online, and Football Mogul. The Mogul series of games has received numerous accolades, including "Sports Game of the Year" from Computer Gaming World magazine and "Editor's Choice" from PC Gamer. Sports Mogul has a full-time staff of 2 and employs the services of more than 1,500 part-time researchers across the globe. The company's games have enjoyed an unparalleled history of commercial and critical success. Further information on the company and its games is available from the Sports Mogul website, www.sportsmogul.com.

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