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Ryu has a new nemesis: Stewie Griffin

Ottawa, April 27, 2006: After avenging his master’s death and defeating Akuma, Ryu faces his biggest challenge to date: an infant hell-bent on world domination. To promote the release of Fox Home Entertainment’s American Dad Volume One DVD Collection on April 25, Fuel Industries partnered with Capcom® Entertainment to create American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung Fu, a Street Fighter®-style game that pits the characters of both shows against each other in no-holds barred battles. In order to win, you must prove you’re kung fu worthy by facing off against the ultimate boss – Ryu.

In the most anticipated television cross over since Urkel showed up on Full House, American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung Fu allows fans to play as any of six characters from either of the shows, plus two mystery characters that will launch next week, each with up to four special combos and their own deadly finishing moves, including Stan’s Heart of Justice, where he stabs opponents with the American Flag. The arcade version of the game also has a secret unlockable, allowing players to fight as Ryu himself.

“When we first started conceptualizing this, we started from an idea that we all loved, and basically tried to push it as far as we could,” says Mike Burns, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Fuel Industries. “When the idea of making Ryu the big boss came up, we were on the phone with Capcom within about five minutes.”

A truly transmedia campaign, American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung Fu brings together gaming, television and the Web seamlessly. From Roger’s girlish outfit to Peter’s vomiting finishing move, the game incorporates the twisted humor that has made both shows famous.

“From the beginning we knew that there were going to be hardcore American Dad and Family Guy fans playing this and that if we didn’t make the game live up to their expectations, that they would tear it apart,” says Burns. “There’s a lot of detail in the game that I think real fans will appreciate.”

Fuel and Fox intend to expand the game in the coming months to add new characters, special moves and easter eggs to the game.

“The game is a lot of fun, and we want people to keep coming back to it,” says Burns. “It’s exactly what an advergame campaign should be – fun, addictive, and what the fans want to see.”

Fans can play the game at http://www.americandadvsfamilyguy.com/. The American Dad Volume One DVD Collection will be available in the U.S. and Canada on April 25, 2006.

Characters and Special Moves:

Stan Smith – All-American CIA Operative and Dad
Special Move: Gun Attack Finishing Move: Heart of Justice

Hayley Smith – Stan’s liberal daughter
Special Move: Burning Bra Attack Finishing move: Molotov Cocktail

Roger – the Smith’s resident alcoholic extra-terrestrial
Special Move: Smoke Ring Finishing move: Ooze Explosion

Peter Griffin – Fat, lovable oaf and head of the Griffin household
Special Move: The Gaslight Finishing move: Ipecac Vomit

Lois Griffin – Peter’s domestic better half
Special Move: Triple Sword Attack Finishing move: Special Move: Katana Scalp

Stewie Griffin – Peter and Lois’ baby boy, hell-bent on world domination
Special Move: Chain Gun Attack Finishing move: Diaper Bomb

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