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The Adventure Company Releases Playable Demo for KEEPSAKE

April 10, 2006 – The Adventure Company is please to announce that a new playable demo for Keepsake is now available.

Enhancements include the following as well as many others to enrich the gameplay experience:

· New voiceovers for various characters including: Mustavio, Celeste, young Celeste, Elvander, and Zak

· The addition of an in-game map

· Fine-tuned dialogue to minimize repetitive scripts

· Enlarged ‘hotspots’ making navigation more fluid and intuitive

· Improved pathfinding with Zak and Lydia

Playing the role of Lydia, a young girl headed to Dragonvale Academy to become an apprentice, you will discover that something is terribly amiss upon your arrival. Where there should be hundreds of scholars none can be found. While exploring the Academy’s vast structures, Lydia discovers a doll she had given her best friend Celeste many years ago. As she picks it up images of Celeste fill her mind…

Accompanied by a charmed dragon named Zak, you will solve puzzles, explore beautiful surroundings, and uncover the secrets of the Academy until you solve the mystery behind Celeste’s disappearance and the beloved keepsake…

Keepsake has received an ESRB rating of ‘E’ for Everyone and is available at retail stores across North America. For more information, please visit the official website www.KeepsakeGame.com

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