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The ‘Kids Are Back!

LOS ANGELES – April 11, 2006 – Just in time for Spring, the Cabbage Patch Kids® are back on the scene and finding their way into the hands of Game Boy® Advance players. D3Publisher of America (D3PA), a publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software, announced today the release of Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue for Game Boy® Advance, where players can help rescue the mischievous puppies that have escaped from the Babyland Playroom.

“Two generations later, Cabbage Patch Kids are still one of the most beloved and popular children’s products of all time,” said Careen Yapp, vice president of licensing and business development for D3PA. “We are proud to introduce a new generation of children to the fun and adventures of the ‘Kids in a whole new way on Game Boy® Advance.”

While seeking out the lost puppies, players may choose from a randomly generated selection and play as a unique Cabbage Patch Kid. Players will have the ability to help fellow ‘Kids find their puppies, each into their own mischief, while encountering different events in town. By helping friends, players will be given hints to the whereabouts of the puppies. All environments and puppies are interactive and there is a variety of exciting, unlockable content, including hidden story elements, characters and cool mini games.

Since the birth of Cabbage Patch Kids in 1983, more than 100 million one-of-a-kind ‘Kids have been “adopted" throughout the world. Now in the 21st century, this must-have toy of the 1980's has found a new home, inside a video game, the new trend of entertainment. Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue for Game Boy® Advance is now available with an MSRP of $19.99.

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