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E3 Announcements from Logitech: High-end PC Wheel; Xbox 360 wheel; New Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

1. G25 Racing Wheel (Available: October; $299.99)
A member of the company’s extreme-performance G-series peripherals
PC gamers, the Logitech G25 Racing Wheel offers advanced features
for PC
racing enthusiasts.

Key Features
• 6-speed gated shifter with push-down reverse gear (Dial on
allows gamers to select mode: 6-speed shifter or sequential
• Included gas, pneumatic brake, and clutch pedals on a weighted
• High-torque, two-motor force feedback mechanism
• 900-degree wheel rotation
• Compatible with most PlayStation 2 titles

2. DriveFX Wheel for Xbox 360 (Available: July; $99.99)
The Logitech DriveFX wheel combines axial-feedback technology with
quality materials to deliver an exceptional driving experience on
Xbox 360.

Key Features
• Axial Feedback: Logitech’s feedback technology features
motors built into the base of the steering column. These motors
distribute the vibration throughout the entire wheel, shifters
casing, creating a sensory experience similar to that of a real
steering wheel and column.
• 10” diameter molded wheel with rubber grips for comfortable
• Includes Xbox 360 connector and standard Xbox 360 buttons
• Responsive gas and brake pedals

3. G3 Laser Mouse (Available: July; $59.99)
The Logitech G3 Laser Mouse’s compact, ambidextrous design
encourages a
fingertip grip (or clawgrip) and includes the same ultra-powerful
engine as the Logitech G5 and G7 mice.

Key Features
• Processing power of 6.4 megapixels of images per second
• Tracks up to 45 inches per second
• Full-speed USB delivers 500 reports per second
• Logitech DryGrip surface provides secure finger grips during
gaming sessions
• Adjustable resolution: The mouse’s 2000 dpi maximum
resolution can be
adjusted to as low as 400 dpi, allowing gamers to vary their
resolution and balance the needs between maximum speed and

4. G11 Keyboard (Available: July; $69.99)
Designed to provide an unprecedented level of programmability and
control, the Logitech G11 keyboard offers 18 programmable keys and
advanced software make it easy to set up custom game commands. The
can also be programmed for non-gaming applications to create

Key Features
• 18 programmable keys with three shift states – resulting in
programmable macros per game or application
• Adjustable translucent backlighting on all keys
• Two full-speed USB hubs
• “Game Mode” switch that disables Windows key

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