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E3 Coverage - Mercury Meltdown

I met with Ignition Entertainment and they showed me Mercury Meltdown for PSP. You control a little blob of mercury and have to navigate through mazes. It's party Super Monkey Ball and partly that game we had as kids where you roll a marble around on top of a wooden box and try not to get it in the holes. They kept the core gameplay the same but there are lots of new aspects to it. You move through 3D mazes, flip switches, navigate rollers, and try not to split up the big ball. There's multiplayer mode.

You can do different things with the mercury. You can heat it up to make it more blobby and make it go faster. You can turn it into a ball bearing to run up two rails. And you can make it cold, which makes it sticky and less likely to fall apart.

There are 160+ levels and 5 party games.

Mercury Meltdown is due to ship in September 2006.

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