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E3 Coverage - Nintendo Press Conference

I had a little problem with the Nintendo press conference this morning. For some reason I had it on my calendar for 10:30 and it was really scheduled for 9:30. So I'm walking around Hollywood and Highland wondering where everyone is. Suffice it to say I missed a large portion of the press conference.

Satoru Iwata, President
Nintendo wanted to expand the number of people who play games. Target current gamers, those who have lost interest and new gamers. Stylus makes gaming easy, so will Wii controller. Most lapsed gamers have wonderful memories of games they used to play. The virtual console will satisfy them. Load times really try our patience. Wii will solve this problem by booting very quickly. Wii never sleeps and there is a mode called Wii Connect 24 – console enters standby mode where it is responsive but using low energy. “What we are aiming for is a system that is new every day.” Wii Sports – tennis, golf, baseball in 1 game – everyone will like it.

Then all of the Nintedo executives played tennis with one lucky contest winner who turned out to be pretty good at it. Tennis looks like a great game. You swing the controller the way that you would swing a racquet. It tracks how hard you swing and the angle of your swing, not to mention whether you put any spin on the ball. It definitely looked innovative.

I'm pretty psyched for Wii. This has been a funny morning. I absolutely no longer care about PS3 because of the outrageous price point, and Wii has piqued my curiosity.

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