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E3 Coverage - Serious Games Initiative

On Thursday morning I met with Ben Sawyer of the Serious Games Initiative/Games for Health project. It's a grassroots effort with foundation funding to look at using games for things other than entertainment such as training, education, excercise, therapy. Something like lessons learned from developing games and how to make a better interface for a business application would also fit in here too.

They just held their annual conference on Tuesday. I couldn't go because of all the press conferences. They're planning another conference for October 2006 in Washington DC.

There's a possiblity that I may start blogging for them. We'll see how that develops.

Some of the games I looked at were:

Pulse!!, a game for first responder training
Personal Investigator - an experiment in child psychology
Incident Commander - emergency response from the eye of the mayor. A train derails and spills chlorine gas.
Peacemaker - participate in Arab and Israeli peace talks
Cold Stone Creamery management training game - learn how to run a Cold Stone Creamery
Cisco Binary Game - teaches binary to network engineers so they can decipher network masks
Remission - fight cancer from the inside out

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