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Los Angeles, Ca. — Tuesday 9th, 2006 – WildTangent Inc., a leading developer and publisher of downloadable games, announced the release of a spectacular new casual game at E3, Penguins!

Penguins are cute, not very bright, in denial about their flightless condition, and desperately in need of your help to escape the zoo. To help 25 hapless penguins overcome the many obstacles they face along their escape route, players may employ a wide selection of devices including canons, trampolines, fans, rocket packs, and springs. Without your aid, penguins will obliviously stumble off in any available direction or worse, into the hands of the dreaded zoo keepers.

Penguins! is an entirely original new downloadable game unlike any on the Internet today. As penguins progress through the 100+ levels of the game, they can collect coins that players can spend at the zoo store to buy additional levels, posters, post cards, music, wallpaper and hilarious penguin costumes. Penguins! is also the first downloadable casual game to incorporate in-game content delivery from the web. This allows WildTangent Studios to continually create and publish new free content for Penguins! players to download from the in-game zoo store long after the game has been released.

Penguins! will be available with free trial play from www.WildGames.com on the opening day of E3. Penguins! will also be distributed through the WildTangent Game Console that ships with over 60% of new consumer PCs in North America.

WildTangent Studios has a reputation for producing the most innovative, family-friendly, high production value casual games available on the Internet; including last year’s hit original title Fate, which won runner-up for RPG of the year in PC Gamer Magazine, second only to Dungeon Siege 2, a $14 million dollar retail game from Microsoft. Other well known casual games from WildTangent Studios include Polar Bowler, BlasterBall, and BlackHawk Striker 2.

Casual downloadable games like Penguins! have become the fastest growing segment of the game industry and according to IDC Research, downloadable PC games will grow to a billion dollar business by 2008. WildTangent is one of the leaders in pioneering online game publishing with a catalog of over 225 downloadable games from all of the industry’s top casual game developers.

Legal Disclaimer: No Penguins were actually harmed in the making of this game. Stunts performed by penguins in this game were executed by trained professionals and should not be tried by penguins at home. Any virtual penguin resemblance to actual South African Jackass Penguins is purely coincidental. Prolonged use of a canon to fire penguins against your monitor won’t damage your screen but does say something about you. Save a penguin – Visit www.wildgames.com today!

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