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Rogue Trooper Explodes Onto Store Shelves Throughout North America Today!

Revenge can be yours today, because Rogue Trooper is now exploding onto the store shelves of retailers near you! This sci-fi third-person action shooter based off of the popular comic book series from 2000AD lets you take control of Rogue Trooper, the last of the Genetic Infantrymen, as he sets out on a path of destruction to deal some payback to those responsible for the massacre of his race. Using the skills and abilities of his fallen comrades Bagman, Helm, and Gunnar, whose bio-chips allow them to take a new life in his equipment, Rogue must rely on a mixture of stealth, strategy, and pure destruction to take on full platoons of soldiers and inch his way closer to that sweet, sweet revenge.

Bagman is ready to repurpose enemy gear to make weapon upgrades, or unleash a devastating barrage of micro-mines. Gunnar is ready to act as a turret, great for setting up traps for groups of enemies. Helm is ready to use his hacking skills to gain access to restricted areas, or act as a Holodecoy, useful for a great distraction. Rogue Trooper is more than ready, and is itching for his chance to unleash a fury of destruction down on those who have made him suffer.

Don’t keep him waiting. Pick up a copy of the game today as Rogue Trooper is now on store shelves throughout North America for the PS2, Xbox and PC!

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