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Velocity Micro Introduces Gaming PCs Powered by AGEIA PhysX

Richmond, Va., May 9, 2006—Velocity Micro, the premier manufacturer of award winning, ultra performance PCs, announces today the availability of gaming systems with the new AGEIA PhysX graphics solution. Customers can configure Gamers’ Edge and Raptor PCs with the new physics card, which utilizes new graphics technology to deliver a more realistic 3D gaming experience.

“We are pleased to be a launch partner with AGEIA on this exciting new technology,” said Randy Copeland, CEO and President of Velocity Micro. “Gamers are always looking to Velocity Micro to push the envelope when it comes to speed. With the AGEIA PhysX card, we can deliver PCs with even higher levels of performance to our customers.”

The AGEIA PhysX physics processing unit (PPU) is the world’s first dedicated, hardware-based physics accelerator. PhysX handles the ever-increasing processing demands of 3D games by offloading the calculation of complex physical interactions from the PC’s CPU and GPU. In games designed to take advantage of AGEIA PhysX, this technology can more accurately depict real-world objects and allow many more scene elements to interact in a realistic way. Explosions cause collateral damage to surrounding objects, scene elements can look and react more convincingly to player input, and smoke, fog, and liquids look more genuine.

Fully customizable systems in the Gamers’ Edge and Raptor series with the AGEIA PhysX card are available today at www.velocitymicro.com.

About Velocity Micro, Inc.
Velocity Micro, Inc. is the premier high-performance personal computer provider in North America. Founded in 1992, Richmond, Va.-based Velocity Micro custom builds award winning gaming, mobile, multimedia, home office, and small business solutions. Every Velocity Micro high-end system includes meticulous hand assembly and precision cable routing, individual system performance tuning, rigorous quality control testing and benchmarking, and 24/7 tech support from Velocity Micro’s highly trained, U.S.-based support technicians.

Velocity Micro systems are now available at Best Buy retail stores and www.bestbuy.com. For more information on Velocity Micro, please visit http://www.velocitymicro.com or call, toll-free, (800) 303-7866. Velocity Micro has earned over 30 industry awards including eight PC Magazine “Editor's Choice Awards” and “Best of the Year” for both 2003 and 2004. Maximum PC, Mobile PC, PC World, Computer Gaming World, Computer Shopper, CNET, and PC Gamer editors have all chosen Velocity Micro systems as some of the industry’s best performing, highest quality, and most reliable PCs.

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