Buena Vista Games Demos

Desperate Housewives - Think of this game as a fresh new season to play with 12 new episodes. The central question is "should you be bitchy or should you be nice?" as you manage your character and your home life. The game starts off and you're a new housewife on Wisteria Lane. You create your character and choose your husband. The game has the feel of The Sims but with more intrigue and manipulation. It seems well written. They're working with a writer from the show. You've got a composure meter that you need to maintain so you can play with the big girls. There are a series of mini-games also, such as cooking, gardening, sneaking around and spying. Unlock your dark past in this narrative driven adventure sim. This is PC only and ships in October 2006.


Every Extend Extra - This PSP game from Q Entertainment ships in November 2006. As with most Q Entertainment games, the music is interactive with the game play. This is very much like Rez, where you target a bunch of objects and hold down the button; when you let go everything explodes. The music sort of keeps time with the action. You can detach the target quickly to go get crystals and to greate chain reactions. The name, "Every Extend Extra" refers to the fact that the better you are at the game the longer it lasts.


Lumines II - This is another PSP title from Q Entertainment that will ship holiday 2006. It's got a 3D background and is basically the same puzzle game as Lumines. The 3D background is very cool because they can stream audio and video while you're playing. That means that they could show a music video in the background while you're working with puzzle pieces. The point is to get 4 cubes of the same color to form a square and then it disappears. After you unlock the levels you can play them in whichever order you want so it won't get repetitive. There's a dual mode where you can compete against your friends.


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