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THQ Holiday in the Heat of Summer

Today I went up to midtown to meet with THQ and check out some of their games.

Supreme Commander - I'm sorry I don't have any screenshots for this one. The zip file THQ gave me is corrupt. This is a futuristic sci-fi RTS game for PC. The design goal was to bring strategy back to the RTS, to open up the game and increase scale. That way you can see everything and make the best strategic decisions. You can zoom all the way out to see the whole board or zoom right down to a single unit. Supreme Commander supports dual monitors, so you could keep one set on the overview map and use the other to drill down to specific battles. Battles are a simulation and are fought on land, sea, and air. There's a coordinated attack system where you can schedule multiple units to arrive at the battlefield at the same time. You can control any single unit. This game packs some serious firepower - it's possible to launch full scale nuclear assaults. It's scheduled to ship in early 2007.

Company of Heroes - This is a WWII RTS game for the PC. They stepped up the graphics beyond what you'd usually expect from the RTS genre. They've got Havoc physics on everything. The environment is fully destructible. Soldiers are aware of their environment and they seek shelter and set up crossfires. Resource points are scattered across the map (manpower, munitions, fuel) and you need to control them in order to milk the sweet resources from within. You need to maintain supply lines between your resource points in order to keep building resources. You can customize your experience by playing as infantry, airborne, or armor. You can build custom units. You can seize control of enemy weapons and use them.

Saint's Row This is for Xbox 360. It is an open world and allows for complete character customization. You're in a gang in the city of Stilwater which is faintly reminiscent of some cities in the midwest. There are lots of areas to play in and it's easy to get lost so waypoints include a lit path directly to the waypoint. Content is streamed off the disk so there are no load times. It's important to buy clothes and jewelry to build respect. The respect meter fills up and when it maxes out you go on a mission. There are three separate storylines, each connected to a gang. You earn respect through activities which are like side quests like robbing stores or stealing hos. There's a full day/night cycle so you can get pissed off at someone during the day and come back and rob them at night. The 12 player multiplayer sounds like it could be complete chaos as people compete for the highest number of kills. All cut scenes use the in game engine. It's due to ship on August 29, 2006.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
This in an expansion pack to Dawn of War. The big thing is that they added 2 races the Tau and the Necrons for a total of 7 races. You have to conquer provinces and destroy enemy strongholds. There's commander customization where you earn points to unlock abilities. The bodies are persistent so they just pile up on the battlefield. You can play as the Nightbringer, a massive Necron hero. There's also the Necron Monolith which is a huge tank that destroys everything. This ships for holiday 2006.

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