Glu Mobile Lands a Hit with Super K.O. Boxing!

SAN MATEO, Calif. – July 11, 2006 – Glu Mobile, a leading developer and global publisher of mobile entertainment, today announced the launch of Super K.O. Boxing!, the first classic arcade-style boxing game developed for mobile. Super K.O. Boxing! allows players to punch their way through three circuits against a cast of hilarious and completely original contenders like Major Pain, Ivan Roiden, 15 Cent and Sake Bomb.

The game scored a 9.1 and Editor’s Choice from IGN.com’s Levi Buchanan who said, “Glu has always been an accomplished mobile maker, but Super K.O. Boxing is a line in the sand, daring other publishers to cross.”

WGWorld.com gave Super K.O. a 5/5 and Editor’s Choice and said, “The characters are large and filled with even larger personalities, the controls are perfect and it’s a game you can play continuously. Give Glu a championship belt for this one.”

The exaggerated animations, cartoon-style graphics and larger-than-life characters of Super K.O. Boxing! bring the traditional arcade experience to mobile and make it the biggest game on the small screen.

“With Super K.O. Boxing!, we set out to create a game that transcends mobile and would appeal to casual and core gamers alike,” said Jill Braff, general manager of the Americas, Glu Mobile. “The outrageous characters and immersive, addictive gameplay of Super K.O. Boxing! make it a truly defining game for the mobile platform.”

Features include:

* Circuit Mode: Three circuits – National Bash, World Wide Rumble and Super K.O. Supremacy – challenge players to fight contenders to become champion of each circuit in order to unlock additional modes of play
* Unlockable modes include:
o Versus Mode, which allows players to face off against any boxer previously defeated in Circuit Mode
o Challenge Mode, which allows players to enter matches under special conditions including the inability to block, dodge or use their super punch
o Endurance Mode, in which players take on as many boxers as they can without ever getting knocked down – first time they fall, they’re out
* A cast of 15 colorful and outrageous contenders including Ivan Roiden, Major Pain, Sake Bomb and Tiki Tam – each with their own unique patterns of attack
* Successfully land punches to fill up the Super K.O. meter in order to unleash a devastating “Super Punch”
* Taunt your opponents to change their style of boxing

Super K.O. Boxing is now available to customers on major wireless carriers throughout North and South America and will be available on wireless carriers worldwide later this year. For more information on Super K.O. Boxing! visit www.glu.com/sko.

About Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile is a leading developer and global publisher of mobile entertainment. Glu's portfolio of games, ringtones, wallpapers and information applications include both original titles and entertainment based on major brands from Atari, Cartoon Network, Celador International, FOX Sports Interactive, Harrah’s, Hasbro, Microsoft, PlayFirst, PopCap Games, Sega and Twentieth Century Fox. Based in San Mateo, California with offices in Hong Kong, London and Manchester, Glu is funded by top venture firms NEA, BA Venture Partners, Granite Global Ventures, Sienna Ventures and Globespan Capital Partners, and by Time Warner Investments. Recently Glu acquired the UK-based mobile entertainment company iFone, adding SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, MONOPOLY, and ATARI Classics to its portfolio. Consumers can find fresh entertainment created exclusively for their mobile phones wherever they see the 'g' character logo or at www.glu.com.

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