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Why Pay for Mobile Games When GameJump.com Gives Them Away for Free?

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) - You wouldn’t pay to watch TV, visit most web sites, or listen to the radio, so why should entertainment on your mobile phone cost you money? Paying to download games to your mobile phone has just become passé this summer with the launch of GameJump.com. GameJump.com offers games that run the gamut: from casino games to puzzle games to shoot ‘em up games (involving some with aliens and one involving beer). Simply put, GameJump.com gives great games for free, and consumers who pay to play are losing out.

Until now, mobile games typically cost from $4 to $12 per download, often leaving customers surprised by high charges on their month-end phone bills. GameJump.com is providing its mobile games free of charge with a business model that relies on advertisers to offset costs. Similar to Internet gaming and media sites, advertisers place full-screen branded ‘wraps’ around games from GameJump.com. Advertisers win a new hands-on interactive medium to reach consumers that are engaged and playing games up to 20 minutes at a time, while the consumers enjoy the fun of playing games for free.

“We’ve shaken up the existing model for pay-to-play mobile games and introduced a way for everyone who owns a mobile phone to access and play games for free through our ad-supported network,” said Michael Chang, CEO and co-founder of GameJump.com and its parent company Greystripe, Inc. “By taking a percentage of the advertising revenue, we can offer a wide collection of popular mobile games.”

With a variety of over 75 new, branded and classic games, GameJump.com provides advertisers with a demographic reach for all ages. Action games include Pirates Ahoy, Ghost Hunter RPG, and Adventure Boy in Zooloo Land. Puzzle games include Sudoku, Bubble Trouble, Capjong, Spellboys and Brick Annoyed. Casino games include Slot Machine, BlackJack and Texas Hold’em Poker. Sports games include: racing games Bert Longin Porsche, High Octane World Rally and MotoMania; soccer games Futi and Penalty Shot; golf games Mini Golf and Golf Club; and boardsport games Flowboarding and Jan Michaelis Snowboarding. All ages games include Amy’s Adventure, Ancient Ruins 1, 2 and 3, Kid Paddle, Townsmen 1, 2 and 3 and Townsmen Racing. More games are being added every week.

Customers can directly download these games and more from the GameJump.com website. When browsing the web through the phone customers can also access the GameJump site at http://gjmp.tw. The games are compatible with most handsets and carriers worldwide. While the games are free from GameJump.com, carriers may charge for data usage fees to download the games and ads as well as for receiving text messages when download links are sent via SMS.

About Gamejump.com

GameJump.com, part of Greystripe Inc.’s mobile advertising network, provides free mobile games to consumers of all ages. GameJump.com benefits consumers, game publishers, and mobile advertisers alike. Publishers are able to grow their distribution by offering their games for free while deriving revenue via advertising. Advertisers are particularly attracted to the new medium for its reach, demographic and geographic targeting, measurability, and high recall and conversion rates. Consumers receive free content along with engaging creative formats. GameJump is uniquely positioned, as research shows that consumers are strongly receptive to both in-game advertising and ad-subsidized mobile content. Industry analysts project that mobile advertising will be a billion dollar market by the end of the decade.

For more information about GameJump.com visit www.gamejump.com

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