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ArchLord’s Epic Mounts Revealed

New York (August 9, 2006) – Codemasters Online Gaming gives a sneak peak at the awesome mounts that players can own and ride in ArchLord, the highly-anticipated MMORPG where one player will rule the entire game world.

ArchLord features a variety of upgradeable mounts for the game’s three different races. Humans will ride around on statuesque horses, Orcs can storm in on their beastly battle rhinos and Moon Elves will endeavour to conquer the land on their mystical lion-like mounts, the trusted Albileon and Caerleon.

Players will have direct control over their mounts and enable them to travel great distances much faster than on foot. In combat, mounts make an incredible addition to your arsenal, as well as a fearsome sight for enemies to behold. Mounts can have their battle abilities and weaponry upgraded with extras such as Lances, Partisans and Langderines, legendary lance-like weapons with gruesome maiming capabilities.

If you are lucky enough to rise through the ranks to become the mighty ArchLord, there is then an awesome mount available that is unique only to the ArchLord within the game. Catch a first glimpse of this fearsome mighty beast in action in the Mount Introduction movie now available at www.archlordgame.com.

ArchLord is set for release in Q3 across North America and Europe and will be published by Codemasters Online Gaming. Sign up for the BETA now at the game’s official website www.archlordgame.com

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