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PLAYSTATION®3 News From Tokyo Game Show

A few hours ago at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi delivered a visionary keynote to a standing-room only crowd. Below is a summary of his remarks for those who could not attend. Additionally, please find the attached news release issued by Sony following the keynote speech.

* The launch of the PLAYSTATION®3 signals an evolution in gaming and entertainment with a particular emphasis on the importance of online networking as the key driver for growth in the industry. The gaming and entertainment business is no longer limited to a static, disc-based world. It is a living, breathing community enabled by the power of the PS3 to connect seamlessly to the vast world of information, content and interpersonal interactivity only available online.

* As the power of networking is realized through systems such as PS3, user interaction, including user-created and -influenced content will be increasingly relevant in the development of entertainment across the industry. The PS3 has the capability to allow creators of entertainment content direct access to their end consumer, which is something that was not possible in the past. It is easy to imagine the potential this represents for the interactive entertainment industry.

* The video game industry needs to think in a bigger way, utilizing technological innovation to its fullest in the development of entertainment content. The Internet and global networking provide an incredibly rich environment from which to create new experiences for the consumer. The giant steps forward we are seeing enabled by the PS3 are just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible when you match the most advanced technologies with full network capability.

* The computing power of the PS3 is unmatched and has garnered the interest of industries outside the gaming and entertainment worlds. Even today, IBM researchers are working on ways to harness the power of the PS3 networks and access computing capacity through 16,000 PS3 cell processors to address such medical problems as Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease. Using the processing power of networked PS3 units around the world to create one massive computer to process complex calculations presents enormous opportunities in a variety of applications.

* Based on the explosive growth of consumer demand for high-definition entertainment over the past year alone, Sony has decided to include HDMI output in the 20GB SKU of PS3. This will allow our valued PlayStation consumers to experience true next-generation gaming without compromise.

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