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SCEA Releases PSP Demo, Firmware 3.10

Sony Computer Entertainment America is making it even easier to check out the hottest software for the PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) system with a new initiative to offer downloadable demos regularly via the official PSP site ( psp.us.playstation.com ) and the PlayStation Web site ( us.playstation.com/PSP ). Separately, a new firmware update (version 3.10) is now available, enhancing the PSP Internet browser and audio playback.

PSP Demos

PSP owners can now download a demo for KillzoneTM: Liberation directly to their PSP system from the official PSP site; the demo can also be downloaded to a PC from the PlayStation Web site and transferred to a PSP system. Killzone: Liberation is a third-person shooter that puts players into 16 intense missions to rescue hostages from the evil Helghast. Killzone: Liberation was developed by Guerilla, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Additional first and third party demos will be offered on an ongoing basis, with Syphon Filter®: Dark Mirror and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 slated for release in the coming weeks.

PSP Firmware 3.10

PSP Firmware 3.10 is now available for download and includes the following updates:

* Conserve Memory has been added as an optional setting for your Internet browser, enabling you to view a Web page that contains a larger amount of data because less memory is used to display the page.
* Dynamic Normalizer has been added as a feature under “Sound Settings,” providing automatic volume adjustment for playback of music tracks or other audio sources with varying output levels.

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