GAME WIRE: GC Developers Conference 2007 - The International Game Development Community Meets In Leipzig

> Leipzig, Germany - February 22, 2007 – Europe's
> largest and most significant game developer
> conference, the GC Developers Conference (GCDC),
> will host the leading international experts from the
> fields of development and publishing August 20-22,
> 2007. International keynotes, workshops, panel
> discussions, prestigious speakers from the fields of
> computers, game consoles and mobile devices, will
> impart inside information on current trends, and
> themes of the future.
> The three conference days at the GCDC are focused on
> program tracks of Game Development, Business, and
> Science, and offer participants numerous
> opportunities for networking. Focal points include
> Mobile Gaming, Server Technology, Experts Meet
> Students, Made in Europe ,and the premiere of Games
> Meet Movies. In addition, the conference also
> provides a platform for developers, publishers and
> service providers to present themselves to their
> peers. The speakers will once again offer a
> comprehensive overview of the industry, and
> opportunities to directly connect with developers,
> publishers, technology leaders, and academics in the
> game space.
> www.gcdc.eu - new look - new mission - new service
> Next week, GCDC’s new website will be live at
> www.gcdc.eu. “The choice of a new domain underscores
> the European alignment of the conference,” said
> Frank Sliwka, project director of GC Developers
> Conference. Under the motto, 'Upgrade the Future,'
> GCDC presents itself in a new format, with even more
> services. The website now features a news section
> providing up-to-date information about developments
> in video games as well as video interviews with
> industry experts available for download. In
> addition, a new matchmaking feature helps
> participants in planning their appointments for GCDC
> with other attendees and speakers.
> “’Upgrade the Future’ expresses the fact that we
> offer developers insight into the future, new
> technologies and business ideas," continued Sliwka.
> "This is only possible thanks to the outstanding
> support of the industry itself and we are proud of
> the trust placed in us over the past five years.
> With GCDC as the most significant European platform
> for developers, we aim to continue to bring together
> and strengthen the European branch of the industry."
> GCDC 2006 Retrospective
> From August 21-23, 2006, 650 conference participants
> from 20 countries attended GCDC. Speakers included
> Bob Bates (USA, Freelancer), Don L. Daglow (USA,
> President/CEO, Stormfront Studios), Graham Hopper
> (USA, Senior Vice President / General Manager, Buena
> Vista Games Inc.) Peter Molyneux (UK, President,
> Lionhead Studios) and Bill Roper (USA, CEO, Flagship
> Studios), among others.
> Dates:
> August 20-22, 2007
> Location:
> Leipzig Exhibition Centre, Administration Building
> Hours:
> Monday to Wednesday, August 20-22, 2007 - 9:00 AM to
> 7:00 PM
> Conference pricing is available at: www.gcdc.eu


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