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Media Release: Interzone selects BigWorld Technology Suite

*(Chicago, ILLINOIS):* - Interzone Entertainment, developer and
publisher of massively multiplayer online games, today announced that it
has chosen the BigWorld Technology Suite as the game development
platform for its upcoming MMOG title.

Interzone Entertainment COO, Robert Spencer commented, “BigWorld is
clearly leading the field, with a proven technology and tools solution
that allows us to hit the ground running. With the BigWorld Technology
already in place, we are free to concentrate on what we do best, develop
compelling worlds with innovative and exciting gameplay.”

“Interzone is a unique brand that is trying to accomplish something
genuinely different in the online space,” said Gavin Longhurst, Director
of Business Development of BigWorld. “Our integrated approach provides
them all the tools required to get a game, complete with a server and
related online components, built in and train in a very short period of
time, leaving more time to polish content and game play.”

About the BigWorld Technology Suite

Comprised of the BigWorld Server, Content Creation Tools, 3D Client
Engine, Live Management Tools & Instrumentation - the BigWorld
Technology Suite is the complete MMOG solution, providing all of the
difficult technology required to produce an engaging next-generation MMOG.

About BigWorld Pty Ltd

BigWorld Pty Ltd was formed in 2002 to commercialise years of intense
R&D, which started in 1999 and continues to this day. BigWorld Pty Ltd
is a privately held company based in Australia that licenses its
BigWorld Technology Suite middleware platform to game studios around the
world that are looking to produce successful next generation Massively
Multiplayer Online Games and Online Social Worlds.

BigWorld Website


About Interzone Games

Interzone is a Publisher of massively multiplayer online games for a
global audience.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Interzone is in the process of
establishing internal studios around the world to actively develop our
range of innovative virtual worlds.

Our acquisition team is constantly pursuing leading-edge MMO
technologies to enhance our existing and future projects. Our production
team is focused on producing powerful game experiences, rich and
compelling story lines, captivating visuals and soundscapes and truly
engaging gameplay. Interzone as a whole is committed to fulfilling
expectations, and bringing a genuinely different kind of gaming to our
customers around the globe.


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