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Ubisoft Releases New TMNT Gameplay Trailer

> Today at Comicon New York, Ubisoft is revealing an
> all new gameplay trailer for its upcoming Teenage
> Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) video game.
> To download the HD trailer, please visit:
> The new TMNT video game uses the same dark and
> dangerous environments and adventurous themes
> featured in the new TMNT CGI film being developed by
> Imagi Animation Studios and Mirage Licensing. The
> TMNT movie takes place in a New York City plagued by
> secretive villains and strange, otherworldly
> creatures. Faced with these perils, the Turtles will
> experience their most trying time as heroes and as a
> family, as Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo lose
> their focus and struggle to maintain their unity and
> ninja discipline. In the movie and in the highly
> immersive video game adventure, it's up to Leonardo
> and the faithful father figure Splinter to reunite
> the band of brothers and save New York City from a
> monstrous evil that lurks around every corner. Video
> game players will engage in over-the-top acrobatic
> navigation, collaborative combat and powerful
> fighting moves.
> Ubisoft's TMNT video game will be released for the
> Xbox 360(TM) PlayStation®2, PSP®
> (PlayStation®Portable) system, Windows® PC, Game
> Boy® Advance, Nintendo DS(TM), Nintendo Game
> Cube(TM) and Wii(TM) on March 20, prior to the
> release of the CGI feature-length film in theaters
> March 23.
> Cheers,
> Jaime Borasi

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