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Vivox Gives Voice to Second Life

*Linden** Lab**^® ** to Integrate Voice into /Second Life/^® with
Vivox^® *

*FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — February 27, 2007* — Vivox, the leading provider of
integrated voice services for virtual worlds and online games, today
announced that it will provide Linden Lab^® , creator of 3D virtual
world Second Life^® , with integrated voice communication for the Second
Life Grid.

Linden Lab will incorporate the Vivox voice services into the fabric of
Second Life. Subscribers or ‘Residents’ will be able to speak with one
another simply by walking up to other Residents and talking. There will
be no need for a separate application, download, or login. The solution
is designed to simplify and enhance interaction among the Residents and
to mirror real-life communication, including spatial audio. Spatial
audio, incorporating technology licensed from DiamondWare, will allow
residents to hear each other based on their positions – on their left,
right, far away or nearby. Other Vivox features will include controls
for both Residents and land owners to manage participation in
conversations. In addition, Residents will have friends lists, presence,
speaking indicators and tools that will allow Residents of Second Life
to stay connected with each other and the Second Life universe while in
their first life. Whether a Resident’s Second Life interest is primarily
social, educational, or professional, integrated voice will enhance and
broaden the in-world experience.

"Integrated voice is a natural extension of the virtual world our
Residents are building,” said Joe Miller, Vice President, Platform &
Technology Development of Linden Lab. “Voice will further enrich that
community and introduce new opportunities in social development and
commerce. Vivox’s high-quality scalability and rich feature set make it
a perfect match for our efforts. Vivox understands the community and its
needs and we could not ask for a better partner to bring voice onto the
Second Life Grid.”

“The Second Life Grid, with its Resident-created world and highly
immersive structure, is an ideal platform for business and social
interaction,” said Rob Seaver, CEO of Vivox. “Live voice is essential to
realizing the full potential of this environment, particularly for
collaborative, academic and economic purposes. We are thrilled to
provide this vital part of the Second Life Grid with our integrated
voice service. With the intuitive design of the solution, Linden Lab
will continue to set the course for virtual worlds.”


* *

*About Vivox, Inc.*
Vivox provides online games, virtual worlds and online communities with
managed voice communication services that are simple to integrate and
enhance gameplay and community. Vivox’s carrier-grade, customizable
solutions help online games and communities create improved offerings
and extend their user base. Today, Vivox is bringing voice to
approximately one million subscribers in more than 180 countries. For
more information visit http://www.vivox.com .

*Second Life (http://www.secondlife.com )
and Linden Lab (http://www.lindenlab.com )*

Second Life is a 3D online world with a rapidly growing population from
more than 100 countries around the globe, in which the Residents
themselves create and build the world which includes homes, vehicles,
nightclubs, stores, landscapes, clothing, and games. The Second Life
Grid is a sophisticated development platform created by Linden Lab, a
company founded in 1999 by Philip Rosedale, to create a revolutionary
new form of shared 3D experience. The former CTO of RealNetworks,
Rosedale pioneered the development of many of today’s streaming media
technologies, including RealVideo. In April 2003, noted software pioneer
Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus Development Corporation, was named
Chairman. In 2006, Philip Rosedale and Linden Lab received WIRED’s Rave
Award for Innovation in Business. Based in San Francisco, Linden Lab
employs a senior team bringing together deep expertise in physics, 3D
graphics and networking.


Vivox and Vivox stylized logos are trademarks or registered trademarks
of Vivox, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Second Life and
Linden Lab are registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.
DiamondWare is a trademark or registered trademarks of DiamondWare in
the United States and other countries. All other company and product
names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective
holders. The information in this document is subject to change without

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