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Ubisofts Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific Surfaces at Retail

Award-Winning PC Submarine Simulation Ships Out for a Tour in the Pacific

> SAN FRANCISCO - March 20, 2007 – Today Ubisoft, one of the world's largest
> video game developers and publishers, announced that Silent Hunter®: Wolves
> of the Pacific for the PC is now available at video game retailers
> nationwide. Developed by Ubisoft's studio in Romania, Silent Hunter: Wolves
> of the Pacific is the latest addition to the award-winning Silent Hunter
> submarine simulation series renowned for its legendary authenticity and
> breathtaking graphics. Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific is rated "T” for
> Teen by the ESRB and has an MSRP of $49.99.
> "Silent Hunter is unquestionably the benchmark for naval simulations,” said
> Tony Key, vice president of marketing at Ubisoft. "Silent Hunter: Wolves of
> the Pacific breaks through by incorporating intense action, crew management,
> and breathtaking Hollywood-style visuals.”
> About Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific:
> Developed by Ubisoft's studio in Romania, Silent Hunter: Wolves of the
> Pacific takes players to the depths of the Pacific Ocean as the skipper of a
> WWII American submarine. Immersed in this intense environment with the help
> of amazing graphics and sound, players will engage in massive battles with
> enemy units, manage and evolve an entire submarine crew, and earn promotions
> and commendations to ensure victory in the Pacific.
> Key Features Include:
> • Hollywood Blockbuster Experience: Lifelike graphics and spectacular
> audio/visual effects offer an incredibly immersive gaming experience.
> • Innovative Crew Evolution: Earn upgrades and experience to help create the
> most effective naval force in the Pacific Theater.
> • Immersive Single-Player Gameplay: Diverse mission objectives and events on
> more than 15 maps, combined with unique rewards, make each campaign a unique
> experience.
> • Addictive New Online Adversarial Mode: Join forces with up to eight friends
> via LAN or four via Internet in either cooperative or adversarial gameplay
> modes. Scripted and generated mission types allow for epic online battles and
> unlimited replayability.
> About Ubisoft:
> Ubisoft is a leading producer, publisher and distributor of interactive
> entertainment products worldwide and has grown considerably through its
> strong and diversified lineup of products and partnerships. Ubisoft has
> offices in 21 countries and sales in more than 50 countries around the globe.
> It is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge video game titles to
> consumers. Ubisoft generated revenue of 547 million Euros for the 2005–2006
> fiscal year. To learn more, please visit www.ubisoftgroup.com.
> © 2007 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Silent Hunter, Ubisoft,
> Ubi.com, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the
> U.S. and/or other countries. Video material furnished under license by and
> copyright © PeriscopeFilm.com and used with permission.

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