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*“Boulder Dash®-Rocks!™” announced for Nintendo DS™ and PSP™***

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*Darmstadt**, April 12th 2007 -** *10TACLE STUDIOS and 10TACLE STUDIOS
MOBILE along with First Star Software, Inc. are proud to present the
first graphics of cult gaming figure Rockford™ of Boulder Dash® fame. In
/Boulder// Dash®- Rocks!™, /the latest sequel to the 80s cult classic,
our familiar well-loved hero appears with a whole new look. Both the
logo and characters, as well as the in-game graphics, are designed to
appeal to long-standing fans as well as target groups new to Boulder
Dash, thus introducing a whole new Boulder Dash look.

The DS™ and PSP™ versions each offer at least one play mode
custom-designed for, and unique to each platform. /Boulder//
Dash-Rocks/! is due for release on both platforms in the fourth quarter
of 2007.

This challenging, arcade-puzzle game made its debut in the early 80s and
continues to fascinate its enormous fan base decades later. Today the
game is acknowledged as one of the classic cult games in computer gaming
history. Now Boulder Dash® will appear with a hot new look sure to take
the Nintendo DS™ and the Sony PSP™ platforms by storm. The hit game’s
main objective and game physics remains unchanged: the player has to
collect a certain number of diamonds while avoiding falling objects,
traps and besting enemies in order to open and discover the exit, before
time runs out. Of course there are a number of helpful tools made
available to players such as bombs or laser guns which can be loaded
with different types of ammunition. These lasers provide the player
with different temporary powers, such as the ability to freeze enemies,
destroy boulders and even pull diamonds and other distant objects
towards the player.

In addition to the classic single-player mode, presented in several
different worlds, /Boulder// Dash- Rocks!/ offers a multi-player mode as
well as three additional game modes for a total of five play modes for
each version. There are two new game modes, never before available in
the Boulder Dash series, one of which has been custom designed for each
of the two different platforms.

*For further informations:*


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Listed in the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 10TACLE
STUDIOS AG (WKN: TACL10, ISIN DE000TACL107) is one of Europe’s leading
independent developers and producers of high-end computer and video
games. 10TACLE STUDIOS AG produces top-quality products that meet
international development standards, and its product portfolio covers
all relevant, high-growth segments in the games market. Currently,
around 290 employees work for the Company at its headquarters in
Darmstadt and the development sites in Darmstadt, Hanover, Duisberg,
London, Charleroi, Bratislava and Singapore. 10TACLE STUDIOS AG’s
consolidated revenue increased by 64% in 2006 to €29.037 million
(previous year: €17.896 million). During the same period, EBIT increased
sharply by 180% to €4.742 million (previous year: €1.684 million).

*About First Star Software:*

Founded in 1982, First Star Software develops, licenses and publishes
games across all platforms including cell-phones, hand-held devices,
home computers and next generation consoles. A privately held
corporation, First Star’s titles are distributed extensively worldwide.
For more information please visit http://www.firststarsoftware.com or

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Based in Duisburg, Germany 10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE was founded in 2006 to
supply the growing market for mobile entertainment media. The
development studio ports 10TACLE STUDIOS AG house brands onto portable
video game systems such as the Sony PlayStation® Portable and Nintendo
DS™, develops their own concepts and brands and works on co-published
titles such as “Boulder Dash - Rocks!”. 10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE currently
employs a staff of 26 under the management of Alexandra Gerb.


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