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Pony Friends on Nintendo DS Set to Cross the Finish Line and Hit North American stores on May 30!

Pull on your jodhpurs, grab your tack box and get your rising trot on! Our
> Pony Friends have been given their starting orders and will be whinnying
> their way to North American stores on May 30th.
> Can’t wait that long? Kids, closet pony fans and virtual pet game enthusiasts
> can get their oats right now by checking out the brand spanking new Pony
> Friends website which includes trailers, gameplay videos, wallpapers,
> desktops, screenshots, artwork, interactive quizzes, printable coloring pdfs
> and hidden ‘secrets’. Check it out now at http://ponyfriends.com
> We’re also introducing you to Puddles, our adventurous little Camargue breed
> this week as we bring you brand new screen shots and gameplay videos that
> showcase his very individual and stylish accessories.
> You’ll also get to see him in video action as he rides his favorite trail
> called “Seaspray Beach”, has his grooming session and competes in the Farmer
> Giles Classic to win his very first trophy! Puddles is an outgoing and
> friendly pony who likes to end a hard day of racing and trail riding by
> eating pears, his favorite food.
Pony Friends is a “virtual pet” game for the Nintendo DS™ that is every
> girl’s dream! Choose from six real-life pony breeds or create and customize
> your very Perfect Pony! Make sure your pony is well groomed, clean and
> happy. Take your pony for trail rides to keep it fit while watching out for
> birds, animals and hidden gifts to collect. Make your pony beautiful with
> decorations and matching sets of accessories to ensure your pony is the best
> in the whole stable!
> Pony Friends will be available in North American stores on May 30, 2007
> exclusively on the Nintendo DS™.

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