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"Project Sylpheed" and "Vampire Rain" Set to Conquer Summer Boredom on Xbox 360

Gamers fearing the usual summer slump can rest at ease as Microsoft
> prepares to release two different, yet equally captivating titles in
> North America for Xbox 360(tm). Players can pilot a space fighter and
> warp into a distant era with the arcade style space shooter, "Project
> Sylpheed," or save humanity from the wrath of a new breed of vampire's
> in the stealth horror shooter, "Vampire Rain."
> Reminiscent of summer days spent hunched-over a coin-op machine in a
> dark arcade, "Project Sylpheed" is a 3-D makeover of the classic,
> mid-'80s scrolling shooter franchise "Silpheed." Developed exclusively
> for the Xbox 360 by Game Arts and Seta Corporation for Square Enix,
> developers of the legendary "Final Fantasy" franchise, "Project
> Sylpheed" launches players through an exhilarating space combat
> experience driven by a deep, multilayered storyline. Feast on more than
> 50 minutes of visually stunning Japanese CG animation footage that
> propels the engaging story forward between space combat missions. As
> Katana Faraway, players must pilot a Delta Saber space fighter equipped
> with a highly customizable arsenal of weapons. In order to succeed,
> players must execute squadron commands and monitor their speed, shield,
> radar and weapons as they maneuver out of challenging situations and
> defend Earth against the evil ADAN forces.
> In addition to non-stop space action, gamers can embark on a
> pulse-pounding mission in "Vampire Rain," leading a highly-trained
> black-ops unit on a secret mission to eliminate the deadliest
> supernatural enemies ever faced: the intensely fast and super agile
> Nightwalkers. Players must traverse all areas of an eerie and rain
> soaked city by moving across rooftops and through back alleys, avoiding
> detection to ensure the best strategic use of high-tech weaponry.
> Developed by Artoon, "Vampire Rain" combines stealth, survival horror
> and shooter aspects of several classic games to bring an intense and
> hair-raising experience that can be enjoyed alone or with friends over
> Xbox LIVE (r). Who can keep their cool under the heat of the dog days
> with Nightwalkers in hot pursuit?

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