Allegro Launches Yourhomework Music Wizard Academy Version

*Award-Winning Video Game Piano Wizard Used for Pilot After School
Program with Yourhomework Music Wizard Academy
New academic version of Piano Wizard is bundled with Piano Wizard
Academy DVDs and lesson plans /*

*Longmont, Colo. -- (May 30, 2007)* -- Allegro Rainbow, a leading
provider of music gaming software and music education tools, and
yourhomework.com, a leading online educational resource, announces the
launch of Yourhomework Music Wizard Academy, a special version of the
innovative teaching tool Piano Wizard. This new teaching resource
includes DVD video lessons with special instruction from renowned SIU
Professor Don Beattie, who has created the Piano Wizard Academy
curriculum, and lesson books, lesson plans and sheet music. These new
bundles were specifically created for the after school and home
education market. The combination of the game, the DVDs, the songs and
sheet music takes the Piano Wizard game and turns it into an exceptional
music teaching tool.

The Yourhomework Music Wizard Academy is both an after school teaching
service and a product line, made available through one of the leading
educational resources for students on the internet, yourhomework.com.
This new offering from Allegro comes in two versions: ACADEMY PREMIER,
which contains 20 DVD lessons and Lesson Books One and Two, and ACADEMY
EASY MODE, which contains 10 DVD lessons and Lesson Book One

The Piano Wizard Academy DVDs are unique in that they are not directed
to the students, but to the parents, non-music educators and piano
teachers, as guides as to how to best use the game, allowing even people
with no music education to facilitate advanced learning that the game
engenders. These DVDs serve as useful informational resources for new
Piano Wizard users of all ages. Initially, Professor Beattie explains
the basic components of the game and how to best begin using the game.

"The beauty of the Piano Wizard lies in the simplicity of the method, so
we tried to create the Piano Wizard Academy DVD lessons in the most
intuitive way we knew how," says Don Beattie, Professor of Music,
Southern Illinois University.

Prof Beattie then takes you step by step through the Piano Wizard
Academy curriculum, each individual song is turned into a chapter. In
each of the Chapters, Prof Beattie touches on different aspects of the
game, everything from initiating the "fingering" option to taking
students to the "fifth" level of Piano Wizard: reading music
effortlessly and painlessly at a real piano.

"The game is great at several things, from teaching the notes, to
transitioning to music notation and it excels at getting the kids to
practice like nothing else. Yet it cannot teach phrasing, dynamics,
technique, in other words, the art and love of music, which must be
taught by human beings. A batting cage might improve your focus, but it
isn't baseball. We saw that Don and Delayna Beattie were adding so much
value to the game with their innovative and imaginative teaching styles,
based on decades of dedicated piano and music teaching. This
multi-leveled structure and compassionate guidance made so much
difference to the kids, so we set out to create the Piano Wizard Academy
DVDs, to empower almost anyone to share the gift of music with loved
ones," says Chris Salter, CEO of Allegro Rainbow. "Professor Beattie has
done an outstanding job designing and articulately conveying the
lessons; with over 30 years experience as a music educator, Professor
Beattie has proven to be an invaluable resource to this project."

"When we saw the ability to get music education into the schools through
this innovative and unique after school program, we naturally wanted to
share it first with our customers, the dedicated teachers, principals
and parents who are committed the best educational tools for their
children. It is rare something so fun can have so much positive
educational impact with so many children," said Soorena Salari, CEO of

The PREMIER version of Yourhomework Music Wizard Academy, a complete
summer course in music that feels like a trip to the video game arcade,
is available for $299.99 (with a professional 49 key keyboard), and the
EASY MODE version of Yourhomework Music Wizard Academy Versions is
available for $199.99.
For more information about Yourhomework Music Wizard Academy Version of
Piano Wizard, please visit http://www.YourhomeworkMusicWizardAcademy.com

*About Allegro Rainbow*

Allegro Rainbow is a leading provider of non-violent, music videogame
software. Allegro is combating the perception that all videogames are
harmful through patented music learning methods, which can eliminate
many frustrations associated with traditional music lessons. Allegro
teaches how to play musical instruments through entertaining fun and
games, supported by never-ending musical content! Allegro Rainbow's core
mission is to help bring about universal music literacy.
For more information, please visit www.pianowizard.com


yourhomework.com provides a simple solution to the age-old challenge of
keeping students up-to-date and informed of homework, projects and
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miss a class or just want to stay ahead of the game. We've created a
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yourhomework.com is designed to serve a broad range of teachers, from
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their parents view assignments in seconds from any web browser.


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