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Evilness Abounds as Codemasters Unleashes New Overlord Trailer
> Burbank, CA ­ Tuesday, May 22, 2007 ­ Command a horde of unruly minions,
> conquer a warped fantasy world, rebuild the Dark Tower and become the
> ultimate ruler. That¹s the ŒTo Do¹ list in Codemasters¹ Overlord - the
> twisted Action/RPG developed by Triumph Studios shipping this June. Gamers
> can get yet another sample of the evilness that awaits in the all new video
> trailer, now available for download from www.codemasters.com/overlord or to
> view online at www.youtube.com/codiesgames.
> In Overlord players begin the game as a wonderfully despotic character
> complete with a small team of overwhelmingly loyal minion side-kicks. As
> areas of the kingdom are conquered, the Overlord grows in might to become a
> supremely powerful force, equipped with devastating spells and a devoted
> minion horde at his command.
> As the Overlord develops, so does the need for ever more effective armor and
> weaponry. Giant smelters Œrecovered¹ on pillaging raids containing rare
> metals can forge heavy-duty weaponry that reflects the Overlord¹s growing
> magnificence. Loyal minions can also be thrown in to the forge¹s fire along
> with the metals to enchant new items ­ a few hundred fiery red minions
> tossed into a smelter will make for a suitably impressive flaming sword.
> And while commanding minions and conquering the land is all good fun, the
> Overlord still has a home to rebuild. At the beginning of Overlord, the
> supremely evil ruler¹s Dark Tower lay in ruin. As lands are re-claimed by
> the Overlord throughout his new uprising, enemies slain and artifacts
> looted, the Dark Tower will become restored to its former imposing glory.
> Within the Dark Tower is the Throne Room, from which the Overlord can travel
> to and from the outside world using the magical Tower Portal. Additionally,
> specimens of defeated enemies are kept down in the Dungeon in readiness for
> the Overlord and minion horde to have a bit of fun with. Meanwhile, in his
> Private Quarters, the Overlord can take a well deserved break from world
> domination and enjoy the company a number of mistresses.
> No one said being a tyrant was going to be easy, so be sure to get a glimpse
> of what it means to be the true Overlord in the new trailer. Overlord is
> planned to ship this June for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment
> system from Microsoft and the PC, and is rated ³T² (Teen ­ Blood and Gore,
> Crude Humor, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence ­ content suitable
> for persons ages 13 and older) by the ESRB.

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