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Nintendo's Mario Party 8 Brings the Carnival to Town

Nintendo is bringing the carnival to town, and this time the party is going to
get players up and moving. Mario Party(R) 8 is the first Mario Party game for
Wii(TM) from Nintendo, and the first in the series to incorporate motion

In this carnival-themed excursion, players might use the Wii Remote(TM) to
punch the air to chip away at a statue, point it at the screen to shoot at
targets or balance it like a tightrope walker's pole. The amazing functions of
the Wii Remote add a new level of hilarious competition. This new Mario Party
installment includes new boards, characters, moves and minigames.

Since the original Mario Party debuted in 1999 on Nintendo(R) 64, the franchise
has been a perpetual fan favorite, selling nearly 6.5 million in the United
States alone. It's the video game version of a board game, where each player
takes a turn moving spaces. Then everyone competes in a fast-paced minigame at
the end of the round. Its controls are fun and easy enough that every member of
the family can join in. Mario Party 8 lets players get into the action like
never before, and is a great follow-up for gamers and families who had fun
competing in Wii Sports(TM).

Mario Party 8, Rated E for Everyone, launches May 29.

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